Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pelaksanaan Projek Di Hujung Minggu


How are you guys?Hopefully everyone doing fine, Alhamdulillah...Well, if we see the title, it's sounds, WOW, i guess, hahaha...Actually, there was nothing much, juz a simple activity yet fun to do during weekends while you are not out of town;)

There were several recipes that i've used to try which the outcome were absolutely fantastic (puji diri sendiri ok, whatever).  i woke at 4am and started baking bottom choc chips muffin (+ cheese), which the recipe i was cedok from sis zanaz bakery, the one who transferred to Penang last year.  Then, when i saw those muffins turn out well, semangat semakin berkobar-kobar so that i tried to make some cheese tarts using Kak Ummi Home Sweet Home recipe, thanks sis.  That was my very first time in making tartlets and Alhamdulillah the taste was not bad at all but i must get the acuan first in order to make it looks prettier=)

Then, after finished baking those tartlets, i was looking forward in making  cornflakes cookies.  this time around, those cookies became better than b4 coz i used to follow the recipe accordingly instead of altered it here and there.  i managed to make 200++ pieces that time n more than 40 pieces were specially packed for Long's family.

Then, after having rest for about an hour, again i went to the kitchen and prepared lunch for us.  i cooked sardines sambal n telur masak taucu  But may be bcoz of in the morning i was busy with my baking project, used lots of sweet thingy, my tongue became less sensitive and all my dishes for lunch were quite sweeter than usual, hahaha...But the taste were still there;)

Here some photos during my experimentation time...Enjoy=)

Tart Based
This is cream cheese yg so yummy...


Tart Based

Ready to be burnt, hahaha
Kacau kacau n kacau to make it combined together
Consists of cornflakes, rice bubbles, honey, golden syrup n butter
Add some choc chips
Move to the oven

Pheww...it was really a tiring day but it was also made my day=)

Next time, i would love to try other challenging recipes coz i know, how far i've been away from the kitchen, at last i'll still need to move n try to make something special for my family as it is sort of a token of appreciation for them in a way, coz supporting me throughout my fancy journey...

thanks n love u guys soooooo much!!!

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  1. cistat tu mesti sodap giler...tentu rasa cam mkan ciskek coz tat shel so thin and cheese byk...emmm yummy. cornflake madu sodapnya...