Sunday, March 20, 2011

Anne's Wedding @ Baling


16th of March 2011

On da way back to Kangar, Perlis.  It was all about pengkorporatan Bahagian Bekalan Air Perlis.  Arrived at 7.45am.  Had a nap 1st b4 get prepared for 2.30pm meeting.


After meeting, pusing2 Kangar coz wanna find out the best SPA in town.  Sadly, xjumpa or maybe i was juz missed it.  Takpa, esok masih ada.

17th of March 2011
Early in da morning, i went to inaiP Ent. to statt our business.  A family from Sungai Buloh juz checked out so my duty was to clear the room and get ready for a new family which wanna check in at 3pm.  After finished everything, i went to Kangar again to find a SPA, hehehe...Luckyly this time i found 1 quite a new SPA and it provides a quite attractive package for me...  i was in that SPA for nearly 3 hrs.  wah, i felt like a brand new one.  it was one of thing in my checklist that i supposed to do for Anne's wedding;)


Balik umah, ummi dah siap masakkan bihun goreng, sambal tumis, daging masak black papper, tauhu sumbat n banyak la lagi...mee rebus pun ada. apa lagi, i juz ate it and blame myself for that till now, hahahah

18th of March 2011
i drove all da way to Seberang Jaya 1st, to pick up doorgift for anne.  then, i went to Baling using Kulim-Bttrwort Exprway (if i'm not mistaken).  Arrived at Anne's house area 11am. 


Officially Anne was not single anymore...sob...sob...sob

After Majlis Akad Nikah

19th of March 2011
Anne n Hubby's Day=)
Congaratulatons to both of u from Azie...

Majlis Potong Cuppies


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