Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yes, This Is The Place....Inai Putih Homestay=)


You are right!! The event will be held at Inai Putih Homestay area...I'm blessed to have that place because the preparation will become easier rather than having it at my farther's home.  


I'm honoured to share pictures on 10.11.12 itself but please be patient ya cause there will be 30+ more days to go...   

The theme actually not really being discussed properly, in other word, no theme at all maybe...Yes, I'm a very simple cum easy going cum very slothful to really think about the theme of the event but, a big BUT ok...people say it is once in a lifetime...I should be more prepared, become a bit fussy n choosy in a good manner of cause!!

So InsyaAllah I'll choose sort of blue color (already forgot the color of dress made by Aleng Tohara n purple color from Lela Touch Couture.  And for the flower I go for red rosses (I want Tulips actually but sorry dear, u are in Malaysia anyway)...

Please please please pray for me ya and hopefully everything will run silkily InsyaAllah....Amin

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