Monday, January 11, 2010

GSC::Princess And The Frog vs AJL24


AJL ke 24 dah berlangsung semalam. All the finalist done well and of course for me, Faizal Tahir was absolutely melted my heart, ahaks...It was not juz about his voice but also his performanceship. It wuz such a great idea, u know like being Cyril Simply Magic for a while=) So, the award goes to:

first : Aizat (Pergi) Love this song actually
2nd : Yuna (Dan Sebenarnya) She did well indeed, ngee
3rd : Faizal Tahir (BenCinta) U're ROCK, bro!!!

Vokal : Black (Aku Rindu Sayang Kamu) So So
Persembahan : Aizat (Kau Aku) Not my type, hehehe

As for overall, AJL24 had create it's own reputation. Very well n fresh, i should say so. The combination of 3 mcs were ok, they did perfect coz they got brain too, hahaha...Becoz of that show, i wuz a lil bit dizzy this morning (padan muka, nak stay up sedangkan dah tahu mmg jenis tido awal punya orang).

Gambar takde kaitan langsung dengan cite di atas. Saja suka this pic, boleh??;-)

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